Maestro Celestino
Spring jealous
occhieggia than classes of fish:
in his heart of daisies.
Has not so fresh gifts
no color so sweet
as you collect
on your arms, in your flowers
embroidery of your garden ...
Spring ma tu la strip,
good Maestro Celestino
You surprise her sorprese
roride its wonders:
laughing on tablecloths lit
embroidered leaves and flowers
green on red
I am in the beautiful country
poets, dreamers.
I lead with your embroidery
on the threshold of a paradise
that we dream in the wandering Adam
sad father of the first killed
Remember God encourages
in your flowers in your leaves ...
of rifarne, here below, the purchase!
Perhaps the Angel on the threshold
allows impietosito,
to spy on the beautiful garden ...
You told us what you saw,
Celestino good teacher.

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