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In the thirties was born in Longobucco to desire Eugenio Celestino Master of the art textile laboratory "for carrying on the traditional loom by hand, precious fabrics: bedspreads, tapestries, rugs, shopping, household linen and for the support.

Eugenio Celestino goes to the merit of having loved, cared for and preserved the activity weaving art not only in terms of production, but also and excellent way of promotion.

Historic its participation at exhibitions of great prestige in markets, exhibitions image. the many appreciations and awards received, of which retain their certificates.

Comes to serve the house and some of the most on the other major fashion houses.

In 1959 his son Mario took over the reins the activity , supported by a tenacious enthusiasm, which inherits from the parent and a competence gained in decades of working with the same.

The texture Longobucco, thanks to the commitment and dedication of Eugenio and Mario Celestino activity for whom popular, the exposure and the laboratory are, every day, destination of many tourists.

Here possible to know the history of weaving Longobucco; through images of the past can be seen authentic pieces of extraordinary historical interest and charm . Visitors given also the various stages of processing and the traditional production, which supports continued research in the use of traditional yarns (broom, flax, hemp, cotton, silk and wool), aimed at the creation of fabrics that can to meet the present needs of furniture (table cloths, bedspreads, towels, curtains, sheets) and clothing (scarves, shawls, skirts)

Mario Celestino creates custom garments and exclusive, valuable for the unique processing, for the accuracy of the design and finishes.


Bottega Art Celestino


Bottega Art Celestino, Longobucco (CS).

Tel. 0983 71048



Via Roma, 66 87052 Camigliatello Silano (Cs).

tel. e fax n. 0984.578772 

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